We’re creating a new software category, and generating revenue in a new space requires a lot of creativity, education, and engaging efforts with an outbound go-to-market strategy. Anna, Sara, and the entire AK Ops team tackled our outbound go-to-market strategy with incredible grit, hustle, and creativity. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the level of partnership, collaboration, and responsiveness we receive from AK Ops. Anna’s ability to adapt and pivot our campaigns and targets based on the metrics we’re generating is incredible. She’s continuously improving campaign messaging or making minor strategy pivots until we hit our targeted conversion rates. Quick, visible improvements are historically hard for an outsourced partner to prove, much less achieve but AK Ops has been able to prove both. I feel the reason for this is AK Ops doesn’t act like a 3rd party partner, they have become a direct extension of our team.

Adam Kling,
Director of Sales, Beehive

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