Codefi Labs

“I connected with Amy to help with marketing efforts because she had led efforts for a successful tech startup out of St. Louis and was now launching her own company – experience and traits we appreciated. I couldn’t have made a better decision.

1) Her responsiveness was bar none…If it was urgent, she was on it. If it was late at night, she was on it. If she couldn’t get to it right then, she let me know when she’d be able to. This pulls all uncertainty from a client and was majorly appreciated. She never made me feel like she was “off”, and her urgency is something I have found to be very rare.

2) She took the lead when dealing with third parties and it helped tremendously. I never felt like she was a third party – always felt like she was on my team and making sure we got our value from those companies. It also saved me a lot of time from having to deal with companies that I am not familiar with.

3) She is one scrappy lady. I love it. Startup mentality. Good to switch strategies and move on to a next one – searching for better outcomes. It’s early to fully measure success here, but she absolutely has the personality and charisma of people we enjoy working with.

Chris Carnell
Co-Founder, Codefi Labs

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