The rising star of 2023

Abby Bodlovich


Abby landed her first role in college recruiting where she quickly became adept at building relationships and educating students and families. But after four years in the college recruiting world, Abby wanted something faster-paced that offered a traditional sales focus. She moved to agency recruiting where she then focused on business development and account management, excelling at building strong relationships with accounts and quickly rising to the top of the pack. Five years later, she found herself wondering, “What’s next?” The universe must have been listening because at the same time, she ended up grabbing coffee with Amy to catch up, and through that conversation, she found her next challenge.  

Abby now has joined our Sales Enablement team serving our clients with the largest pipeline goals and tackling the Client Manager responsibilities for our more tenured operational clients. Taking her sales career to the next level, Abby is in more active sales conversations than ever before and seeing the multiplier effect our program has on sales teams’ pipelines. Clients enjoy her training in objection handling in our top-funnel prospecting and Abby closes her computer every day feeling her massive contribution—which is exactly what she was looking for when she came to AK Ops.

Abby lives in St. Louis with her husband and three kids. She enjoys spending time outside, creating fun projects with her kids, and socializing with family and friends. 

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From Amy:

Abby’s sales background and hustle speak for themselves. After a casual, unexpected coffee date with Abby, I just knew she had what it takes to join my team and deliver our work. She wasn't looking for a move, but luckily I convinced her to come in and shadow us for a day so she could see our team and work in real life. I know the energy we cultivate is the exact fit Abby needed. The move to AK Ops leverages her closing skills, pipeline work, and sales relationships—but she takes them to the next level by representing our clients. Fast forward to the present and she’s rounded the learning curve and well on her way here at AK Ops! The sky's the limit when someone is as committed as Abby and I am so thankful she’s here!

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The Futures App

Under Amy’s leadership, our sales motion has been meticulously restructured, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient process. Her team’s attention to detail and strategic insights have enabled us to fine-tune our operational outreach, maximizing our engagement with potential clients.

Jake Hirabayashi

a)plan Coaching

I've never had a resource like this in sales. It's changed my ability to close and be more effective with my pipeline. You guys taking completely cold leads and sourcing Enterprise deals has been huge for us.

Jenna Slater,
Director of Business Development

a)plan Coaching

AK Ops was and is some of the best money we’ve every spent. They created a repeatable and predictable process for our sales that was game changing for us and enabled us to grow to the next level. 

Michael Counts,
Founder & Chief Experience Officer

We ♥ Serving Sales Teams

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AK Ops significantly influences my pipeline goals by relieving me of numerous time-consuming tasks. Typically. I would dedicate several hours each week to crafting and sending content cadences. Now, I can manage my day and prospects with a level of efficiency I hadn’t thought possible.

Matt Collins
Senior Account Executive


Our partnership with Sara and AK Ops has been invaluable in our journey towards success. Sara's strategic thinking, ability to pivot and commitment to AltaClaro has helped us unlock growth opportunities we could have never achieved alone

Meghan Esker
Director of Client Development

AIM Academy

AK Ops is taking our organization to the next level by optimizing our lead generation and sales enablement. Amy and her team are teaching us how to leverage data analytics and extend our reach through systems-based marketing and sales.

Dawn Brookhart
Senior Director of National Client Engagement


If you’re looking for an outbound partner who delivers, and sometimes overdelivers on their promises, look no further than AK Operations. Excellent service. Thoughtful approach. Outstanding results.

Scott Turner
Senior Vice President, Marketing

StrongArm Technologies

With a long sales cycle, it’s critical that the top of StrongArm’s sales funnel is robust enough to create an opportunity waterfall that supports our growth goals 12-18 months out. We engaged the AK Operations Team to amplify our outreach efforts and help create a repeatable top of funnel motion focused on targeting right-fit customers. Needless to say, the AK Team has revolutionized our go-to-market muscle, 4X’ing our pipeline in as many months while freeing up our internal resources to focus on closing. Moreover, the AK Team is full of domain expertise, which has paid dividends for a lean sales org like ours. Krista, Stevi & Kalie are a pleasure to work with and feel like an extension of the StrongArm team – a rare occasion with a third party vendor in my experience!

Alex Teller
Chief Commercial Officer

EarlyBird Education

Sara has been a true partner for the direct to consumer team, helping us build our sales and marketing function through supporting our customers.  She is a critical team player, attending our weekly stand-ups and bringing her expertise from marketing automations and performance analysis.  We wouldnt be where we are with our customer base without Sara's unique skill set and client management.

Kendall Moore
Parent Advocate, EarlyBird Families

Ironwood Cyber

Amy Kohl and the AK Operations team have been invaluable partners in shaping Ironwood Cyber's commercial marketing strategy. Their mathematical and statistical approach to marketing is truly exceptional. In the competitive landscape of cybersecurity services, capturing buyers' attention is no small feat. I've been consistently impressed with the AK Operations team's adeptness at swiftly identifying and adjusting strategies that yield results. Equally noteworthy is their accessibility and collaborative nature. They've consistently proven themselves as responsive and cooperative partners, working alongside us to achieve our objectives.

Jeff Stratton
Chief Revenue Officer

The Futures App

Under Amy’s leadership, our sales motion has been meticulously restructured, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient process. Her team’s attention to detail and strategic insights have enabled us to fine-tune our operational outreach, maximizing our engagement with potential clients.

Jake Hirabayashi


Our engagement with AK Ops provides real-time feedback on marketing and outreach tactics, immediately spotlighting the most effective strategies and areas that need refinement. This invaluable data not only solidifies confidence in the sales team's approach but also enables companies to discern and fine-tune their most resonant messages. This iterative feedback loop ensures that messaging and targeting remain dynamically aligned with market demand, to build predictability and confidence in sales outcomes.

Anne Gotay
VP Marketing


AK Operations has provided our lean startup with scalable process automation, sales enablement, subject matter expertise and most importantly - results! Amy’s small team of elite performers are smart and tireless. They love what they do and so will you.

Carmen Malatino,
Vice President of Revenue Operations


Over the last 7 weeks, the team at AK Operations has come onboard and I am thoroughly impressed. Tina was able to quickly ramp up and start delivering well-thought-out and strong content. Shelby is a dynamo. She has been able to develop and implement a thoughtful and deliberate process which started yielding immediate results. She is constantly iterating with a focus on KPIs which, as a CRO, makes me feel like we are speaking the same language. Amy's vision and direction made me feel immediately comfortable as within minutes of meeting her, you know that she will both direct traffic and get in the trenches in order to hit OUR targets. In short, AK Operations does not feel like a vendor but an extension of BuildingLink.

Brian Bressack,
Chief Revenue Officer of BuildingLink

Starr Commonwealth

Since partnering with AK Operations, we have a 166% increase in new sales meetings booked thanks to their demand gen and lead gen campaigns. This program has not only helped our momentum at the top of the funnel but also strengthened our sales process and enabled our reps. Not to mention the collaboration with Anna and Sara has been incredibly beneficial.

Alex Newmann,
Founder & CEO of Newmann Consulting Group


AK Operations is a game-changing revenue operations company that consistently delivers on their data-driven promises. We work directly with Anna and her exceptional work ethic and expertise have led to outstanding results for our company. Looking back, our only regret is not discovering AK Operations sooner!

Greg Waldstreicher,
Founder & CEO of Botable


This is my second time working with AK Operations - first as an onboarding partner for a completely new installation of HubSpot (moving from Pardot) and this time to help us clean up, reorganize, and re-energize an existing installation and email marketing program. Each time I am grateful for their insight into how to tie together Marketing and Sales efforts, handoffs, and recycling. Each time I have seen a measurable increase in return on our email marketing efforts—both in increased engagement and increased value of the contacts responding. AK Operations' staff (shout out Krista and Shelby especially!) and program are a fantastic way to jump start or revive an email marketing program and their feedback also helps inform content strategy and sales journey experience.

Colleen Lyerla,
Director of Marketing Communications


Amy Kohl and AK Ops have completely blown us away. After kicking off mid-June, they hit their 45-day goal in 20 days by booking us 20 meetings. The speed at which they make things happen is shocking—they have violence of action! Every time we’re looking at a new goal or objective, we’re used to a report taking a week or two to build. With the AK Ops team, it’s either the same or next day. Every expectation has been met or exceeded. Our two closers now feel like they have the horsepower of a fully-staffed, well-tuned sales org behind them. We’re incredibly happy and plan to work with AK Ops for as long as possible.

Cole Morgan,
CEO & Founder of StageConnect


As a small startup, we were challenged to develop new qualified leads and a robust pipeline quickly. Instead of hiring an army of SDRs, training them, and managing them going forward, we chose a modern sales approach with AK Ops. AK Ops are experts in digital marketing and lead development techniques. They developed a dynamic process to drive quality outbound communication and lead generation. They complemented this approach with weekly analytics to manage our progress. This allowed us to focus on the most important work of turning these leads into customers.

Sam Rapp,
VP of Partnerships at Crowdsmart


I believe the most important factor that can make or break a startup is having the right people in place on your team as you work to execute your strategy. More than anything else, this is why we have been thrilled with AK Operations – and not just AK herself… this especially includes Mallory first, and now Christy and Sara!

In 90 days, Amy and team have been instrumental in most of the areas I would consider critical to our go-to-market success, including:

  • Contributing greatly with ongoing thought leadership and solid, foundational planning
  • Assisting us in identifying the right data points and patterns as we look to measure results.
  • Providing us with the ability (and agility) to iterate quickly as we continue to look for ways to accelerate our progress.
  • They balance a wealth of experience and know-how with creativity and collaboration.   
  • They are aligned with our goals with a passionate commitment towards achieving results.

If you are a revenue leader and your priority this year is to build a successful, scalable, and predictable revenue machine in the ever-chaotic world of startup sales, AK Operations should be your first call!

Cortney Smith,
VP of Sales at VertifyData


AK operates as a true part of our team – especially Anna and Sara. They are analytical, thoughtful, data driven, and fun to work with on sales & marketing – and their technical ability to manage our CRM/Hubs platform is strong. AK rolls up their sleeves to be a true team player, jumping into whatever is needed to make the business successful. They are creative and agile in nature, which is important as we learn to scale our GTM efforts.

Stephen Bulfer,
CEO / Co-founder, Streamloan


Imagine waking up every day with an average of 3-4 emails a day from warm leads that are being forwarded over to you. Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought before working with AK Ops and Danielle Matthews. They are “difference makers” inside and outside of the workplace. They truly go above and beyond for their clients. Danielle is a rockstar. She is encouraging, disciplined, and equally determined as I am. I am glad to have her as my account manager.

Gavin DeWitt,
Sales at BotDoc


Amy and team have been a phenomenal addition to our marketing efforts, becoming an integral piece of our go to market team. Lead by the amazing Sara Bray, AK has driven significant top of funnel growth through multiple channels. The amount of time and dedication to our account is second to none, allowing us to hone in on what is working, making macro and micro adjustments to achieve a broad spectrum of specific KPIs. Thank you!

Ben Kanner
CEO, Worklete


Amy is one of our most experienced partners. She always advocates for her customers's needs and puts them first - always. AK Ops crushes onboarding and continued usage of HubSpot for her clients. I can ALWAYS count on her for incredible engagement and results for our customers when AK Ops is behind them. Bottom line, AK Operations delivers.

Rachel Stadfeld
Principal Partner Account Executive at HubSpot