My Journey From a Career Plateau to CSO

From the financial services world to operational auditing to… sales enablement and demand generation?  It might not seem like the most...

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Scaling Isn’t About Headcount, It’s About Repeatable Profitability

For far too many businesses, scaling the company has come to mean adding headcount. Although growing your business can certainly entail...

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Four Key Steps to Marketing Attribution for Growth-Stage Companies

With so many different marketing channels these days, it can be challenging to pinpoint which marketing efforts are driving revenue for...

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Why Growth-Stage Companies Need to Measure the Full Customer Journey

As a rev ops professional, you know that every customer journey is unique. Each customer has their own set of needs, preferences, and...

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SharpChicks: Ex-Gymnast Becomes Sales Enablement Expert

Our SharpChicks blog series invites you to learn more about our teammates at AK Operations.  These are questions that our leadership team...

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AK Operations' Under-the-Radar Growth

Five Fast Facts about AK Operations Our team is based in St. Louis, Missouri. 🇺🇸 Since our founding in 2018, we've averaged 110% YoY...

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The Power of Content Nurture: How Content Became a Valuable Meeting Source for a Commercial Cleaning Client

In an age of information overload and ChatGPT, delivering relevant and valuable content to the right audience at the right time has never...

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Reporting & Insights To Rely on For Pipeline Pivots

Without the right insights into your marketing and sales data, it’s near impossible to run an efficient revenue engine. Getting the right...

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Inbox Management: How I Increased Meetings Booked by 77%

Inbox management is an often overlooked part of sales enablement, the process of providing your sales team with the resources they need to...

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Sales Sequences: How I Increased Impact to Book More Meetings

The most powerful tool we use to support our clients’ sales pipelines? Sales sequences.

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