Winning GTM Messaging Framework with MoM Impact

by Amy Kohl

A client of ours is a leading provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions tailored for various industries, including Media & Entertainment, GLAMP, Technology, Healthcare, and Retail. Their robust platform helps organizations manage, organize, and distribute digital assets efficiently, enhancing productivity and collaboration. There is no doubt their product is solving major pains in the marketplace. Our partnership was deployed to help penetrate the market at scale. 

Fast forward to now – our partnership enabled their sales team to achieve remarkable efficiency and success in their pipeline development. Through the execution of 185,000 sales activities targeting 26,739 prospects, we streamlined their outreach process, reducing the average time to book an initial meeting to approximately 40 days after just eight touches (that’s cold lead to booked meeting!).

This led to the booking of 42 high-quality meetings, with 50% of these meetings qualifying as significant opportunities. Our collaboration generated a robust pipeline valued at $2.6 million in a few short months. Notably, our targeted outreach secured meetings with prestigious organizations such as EA, NPR, ESPN, and Fox, underscoring the precision and effectiveness of our approach.

Because we were brought in to increase market penetration and streamline its sales process to boost qualified leads and opportunities, we tackled messaging and targeting pivots right out of the gate. Our partnerships are extremely methodical – here’s a TLDR look at how we did it! 

Phase 1: Industry-Specific GTM 

Initially, we focused on running targeted campaigns across various industries such as Media & Entertainment, GLAMP, Technology, Healthcare, and Retail. This approach allowed us to gather significant data on the performance and engagement of these campaigns that serve us as a baseline still to this day. 

We booked qualified meetings and got some good initial traction, but the conversion rates were lower than we wanted, even considering the cold nature of the database we were working with at the time.

Phase 2:  Continuous Optimization aka Layering in Persona-Based GTM

Based on the insights from the initial campaigns and a comprehensive Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) analysis, we added a layer to our strategy to include persona-based targeting after clear themes began to appear in our reporting. We were confident this would improve our conversion rates.

This pivot aimed to address specific needs and pain points of key personas such as Digital Asset Managers, Marketing & Creative professionals, and Technology personas in the prior industries above. At this point in our partnership, we now have 9 strong recipes on what strategy converts each target best.

Proof this pivot worked was apparent. Apparent by qualified pipeline value, too! Not open rates or booked meetings. Our conversions hit where we’d expect and the MoM improvement was clear!

Phase 3: Operationalizing Feedback Loop in the Sales Process
After booking several meetings and monitoring the qualified progression of our deals, we implemented stricter qualified exit criteria on deals so the appropriate pivots were made at the top of the funnel. After all, our goal is qualified pipeline, not just keeping the reps busy.  

These live dashboards provide intel on companies moving to Closed Lost and Nurture for Later. This feedback loop drastically improves our in-the-moment impact –  pivots for messaging and targeting especially. For more read this article about the science of fueling your pipeline

The obsession with continuous improvement is a requirement in sales. These three phases occurred within the first 30 days of live outbound campaigns – and continue to inform the strategy we execute today.

The Method to Our Madness Wins Again

Our partnership with this awesome client exemplifies the impact of a well-executed GTM automation strategy and collaboration. By implementing a systematic approach, we knew when and where to pivot — and where to stay put and double down – all while optimizing the sales process and rep alignment. We increased qualified leads and secured high-profile opportunities the sales team relies on. This case study underscores the importance of adaptive strategies and continual optimization in achieving successful market penetration and growth. Mission accomplished – and yet, so much more to come with our partnership!

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