How AK Ops Moved the Revenue Needle For Three Different Companies

by Amy Kohl

Sales is a series of base hits, and the best marketing and sales teams have proven ways to test and improve every part of their revenue engine to see a percentage lift in each metric the “lever” supports. This way, when you’re reviewing your pipeline, you know exactly which lever to “pull” in order to consistently hit your revenue goals. 

Here are three brief stories on how analyzing sequence steps, nurturing prospects with meaningful content, and more efficiently managing inboxes moved the revenue needle for three very different clients. 

Lever #1: Accelerate Sales Sequences

We worked with a client who had a vast total addressable market (TAM) but had reached their maximum sending capacity. Despite having numerous leads and booking meetings regularly, the client was missing out on potential opportunities due to suboptimal sequence management. They weren’t moving contacts through our Lead Gen program as efficiently as possible

After analyzing the client's data, we found that 80% of the 67 meetings booked during the first 45 days of our engagement were secured through the first two email sends. To increase sales sequence velocity and ultimately book more meetings, we reduced the number of emails in each HubSpot sales sequence from five to three. This change increased sending capacity by over 60%, resulting in an additional 54 meetings booked within 15 days.

Lever #2: Generate Pipeline with Content Nurture

From Day 1, a principle of AK Ops has always been to serve before selling, a sentiment that remains true today. After working with various Demand Gen partners that pursued prospects too aggressively and burnt potential bridges, a long-time commercial cleaning company client met with Amy and was ready to change their approach. Recognizing the perfect fit, we introduced our demand generation program to address their needs.

We created a weekly newsletter featuring valuable information about cleaning topics, such as COVID updates and employee retention impacts. While a "Request a Quote" button was included, the newsletter's primary focus was on building trust and maintaining a service-oriented mindset. 

Today, about 10% of the meetings booked for this client can be attributed directly to our newsletters!

Lever #3: Robust Inbox Management

As a go-to-market (GTM) partner, it's disheartening to see clients' inboxes overflowing with unanswered meeting requests due to capacity limitations. This was the case for one of our long-term clients in 2021, who faced internal changes and staffing shortages.

Upon noticing a decline in booked meetings, the Client Success Manager investigated and discovered that unaddressed emails were causing missed opportunities. In response, we implemented our inbox management strategies during the latter half of 2021. Just by using these best practices (we kept all of our other strategies the same), we increased the client's number of booked meetings by 77%.

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