Maximizing Sales Efficiency in the HR & Tax Space

by Amy Kohl

In early 2023, our automated sales efficiency program embarked on a journey to revolutionize the way sales were pursued in the HR & Tax sectors for a leading Financial SaaS product. With a lean but powerful team of four closers, we managed to not only meet but exceed our targets, setting new benchmarks for sales efficiency and effectiveness. Here's a breakdown of our achievements and what we have planned for 2024.

Our team executed a staggering 302,180 sales activities, targeting 35,196 prospects that perfectly fit our client's Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This monumental effort was driven by our commitment to enabling our client to focus on what they do best: working their pipeline and closing deals.

Conversion Success

The result of our relentless sales drive? An impressive booking of 316 meetings, boasting a notable conversion rate of 54%, which culminated in 171 opportunities for the reps. This success rate is a testament to the effectiveness of our targeted approach and our team's dedication.

Attribution Insights

A remarkable 83% of Lead Gen meetings were booked solely through our automated program, highlighting the essential role of our channel in the sales process. While other sources such as Paid, Social, Events, Organic and Website contributed to our lead pool, it was evident that automated touches were crucial in converting these leads into meetings.

Sales Efficiencies

Our data revealed that it takes an average of 9.6 touches for a conversion, with a prospect to meeting conversion rate standing strong at 0.9%. This underscores the efficacy of our marketing nurture, targeting and sales efforts. Notably, sales sequences emerged as the highest converting meeting source, a trend that continues to hold true.

Pipeline Value Creation

Our efforts generated an astonishing $12M in pipeline value from our enabled channel alone, with an average ACV (Annual Contract Value) of $28K. This achievement showcases the significant impact of our program on the client's bottom line.

Revenue Generation

Before the year closed, our client celebrated 32 wins attributed to our 2023 efforts, with several more wins already closing out this month. This momentum is a clear indicator of the program's success and its contribution to the client's revenue generation.

2024 Projections

Armed with insights from the past year and a deep understanding of effective Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies, we're poised to increase top funnel conversions in 2024, projecting to produce $7M in Q1 alone.

With the addition of 3 Sales Reps to their team, we anticipate our Rep Enablement channel will further amplify conversions. Immediate touchpoints on demo requests and added human interaction with highly engaged prospects are set to elevate our client's sales process to new heights.

As we step into 2024, our team remains committed to pushing the boundaries of sales efficiency and effectiveness. With a proven track record and a clear strategy for the future, we are excited to continue driving unparalleled success for our clients in the HR & Tax space.

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