Mission Statement

Our mission is to make sales more collaborative, data-driven, and scalable. When sales organizations are built around healthy processes, rep-enabled campaigns, and monitored KPIs, our top funnel program produces consistent sales opportunities —ultimately building more pipeline with better conversion rates. After weeks of pivots and continuous improvement, the AK Program performs almost completely on autopilot, requiring only ongoing management and fresh campaigns that sustain companies forever.


Enabling Sales Orgs to Stay Leaner Longer

Scaling Isn’t About Headcount, It’s About Repeatable Profitability 

We have witnessed so many companies who have stayed leaner longer or re-calibrated after layoffs without missing revenue goals. The AK Ops partnership is enabling growth-mode companies to scale with bigger pipelines and more predictability regardless of industry. 

There's no greater missed opportunity than a great sales closer without an enablement program. Our automated program augments talented sales teams with efficient pipeline generation and complete go-to-market ownership. Now, that's scaling.

A Different Kind of Partnership

We completely align our own internal performance metrics with our clients’ growth goals, providing an unmatched partnership. Aside from the obvious skillsets of the AK Ops team, every woman embodies an unmatched level of hustle, responsiveness, and excitement for hitting their monthly goals. Coined the “SharpChicks of AK Ops,” these women fill a major gap in the B2B sales market as a fractional resource for nurture marketing, lead generation, sales enablement, and all things CRM.

There’s no better feeling than having millions in the pipeline and confidence in the ongoing momentum of an internally-built, scalable Go-To-Market strategy. If your sales team is ready to be equipped with cleaner processes, better leads, and more meaningful results, let’s talk! 

We ♥ Serving Sales Teams

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