AK Operations Launches Online Marketing & Sales Course to Help Growth Teams Build Pipeline

by Tina Xiang
AK Operations Launches Online Marketing & Sales Course to Help Growth Teams Build Pipeline

Originally published in Cision PR Newswire

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 1, 2022 — AK Operations announced the release of AK Onboarding, the only go-to-market (GTM) curriculum designed for growth teams. This 30-day online course allows customers to learn and implement the demand generation, lead generation, and sales enablement techniques that AK Ops has been using to generate millions in pipeline revenue since 2018.

“After serving over 100 clients, we created an online course to offer everyone the opportunity to reach their ideal customers, streamline their campaigns, and position their company to collect the insights and reports they need to strategically grow,” said Amy Kohl, AK Ops’ CEO and Founder. “We’re excited to offer another option to help companies close more business, uncover meaningful metrics, and pivot as needed to hit their numbers.” 

The Only Digital Curriculum Designed To Build Full GTM Programs

From GTM factors, automation, and domain management to goal planning, reporting, and campaign strategy, AK Onboarding features a total of 13 chapters.


The curriculum includes:

  • Welcome to AK Onboarding
  • Chapter 1: Basic Setup
  • Chapter 2: Your Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Chapter 3: Controlling Properties Setup
  • Chapter 4: The Deal Pipeline
  • Chapter 5: Operational Workflows
  • Chapter 6: Domain Setup & Health
  • Chapter 7: Goal Planning
  • Chapter 8: Dashboards & Reporting
  • Chapter 9: Key Marketing Assets
  • Chapter 10: Ongoing Content Nurture Automation
  • Chapter 11: Outbound Sales Messaging Automation
  • Chapter 12: Inbox Management & Domain Health
  • Chapter 13: A Day in the Life of an AK Operator

“By the end of AK Onboarding, learners will be able to use HubSpot like a sales-generating machine as well as manage and launch campaigns for both marketing and sales,” said Sara Klaus, Chief Strategy Officer. “They’ll also be able to track the right metrics so they can drive predictable revenue growth with our shared discipline of getting 1% better each week.”

Two Levels of Access and Additional Support for All Types of Learners

AK Onboarding offers Virtual and Hybrid level access, so users can choose the best learning experience for themselves. Users also have the ability to purchase additional meetings with chapter experts at AK Ops for additional adhoc guidance.

Aside from the GTM and Dashboard meetings, the Virtual package is completely self-serve and designed for those with prior experience in HubSpot and rolling out campaigns designed to generate pipeline. 

The Hybrid package is ideal for learners who are self-reliant but want checkpoints throughout the course to ensure proper application. In addition to the GTM and Dashboard meetings, the Hybrid package includes virtual approvals with an AK Ops manager along the way. 

About AK Operations

AK Operations is on a mission to make sales more collaborative, data-driven, and scalable. When sales organizations are built around healthy processes, rep-enabled campaigns, and monitored KPIs, our top funnel program produces consistent sales opportunities—ultimately building more pipeline with better conversion rates. After weeks of pivots and continuous improvement, the AK Program performs almost completely on autopilot, requiring only ongoing management and fresh campaigns that sustain companies forever. 

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