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Scaling Confidence

Scaling Confidence with AK Operations’ Principles & Discipline

An Interactive LMS Designed to Teach & Build GTM Strategies, Deploy Campaign Automation & Build Pipelines

Since 2018, AK Operations' services have generated millions of pipeline revenue utilizing demand-generation and sales enablement techniques for clients worldwide. Now, AK Onboarding Learners can watch videos, build each lesson, take quizzes, and gain competencies after completing each chapter! The Learners will execute alongside the women of AK Ops with virtual collaboration and approvals to ensure your final GTM Program delivers meaningful metrics and real ROI for your organization!


Pricing & Access

30-Day Curriculum with Ongoing Access & Support



Aside from the Go-to-Market and Dashboard meetings, this package is completely self-serve. This is designed for those with prior experience in HubSpot and rolling out campaigns designed to generate pipeline.



This package is ideal for learners who are self-reliant but want checkpoints throughout the course to ensure proper application. In addition to the Go-to-Market and Dashboard meetings, this package includes virtual approvals with an AK Ops manager along the way.

Additional Support Add-ons

Need extra help? Don’t worry! Within the learner's experience, there are plenty of opportunities to purchase time with the chapter experts at AK Ops for additional guidance.


“We are so excited to share our best practices in a learning experience like this! For years we have manually onboarded and graduated clients with our program. Now, any company with a lean sales organization can build out their GTM strategy utilizing the best practices and disciplines we execute every day!”

Amy Kohl, Founder & CEO



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An interactive LMS learning platform to teach GTM processes, deploy automation & build pipelines.

AK Operations is on a mission to generate pipeline utilizing demand generation campaigns and sales enablement techniques to businesses around the world.

Come alongside the SharpChicks on the AK Operations team with virtual collaboration that delivers meaningful metrics and real ROI for your organization with AK Onboarding!