Sunsetting "Lead Gen" & Committing to "GTM Programs"

by Amy Kohl

It's 'bout time!

In recent years, we've seen a significant evolution in how sales are driven and prospects nurtured. Traditionally, the focus has been squarely on "lead generation" as the primary way to draw in potential customers. But as market dynamics shift and consumer behaviors change, there's an undeniable need for a more integrated and holistic approach. This evolving landscape leads us to move away from the outdated term "lead gen" and towards a more encompassing concept: the Go-To-Market (GTM) Program. This isn't just a change in terminology; it's a shift towards a strategy that involves collaborative efforts across the board, leveraging every possible channel and strategy to foster genuine sales efficiencies.

We recently featured the results of a recent client on our blog and when connecting with the Chief Revenue Officer, Steve Erbst (connect with him on LinkedIn) stated the following: 

"Lead Gen is not cold calling anymore - it is Go-to-Marketing Automation and Rev Ops. Rev Ops offers the full 360 approach to pipeline generation strategies we call GTM. This requires consistent development of relevant content, diligent validation of targeting data, collaboration with reps for feedback and weekly reviews of pipeline metrics.

A partner like AK Ops provides the strength of 4 BDR's, sales operations to enable your reps, a domain team to warm up these outbound senders, attentive management in the inboxes, a data admin to keep the data healthy, a content creator and campaign manager to make sure social is feeding the outbound channels.. I could go on.

As a sales leader, I would be entirely distracted with management of people if not for the strategic, holistic approach and trusted partnership I have with Amy's team. This is the modern approach to Rev Ops and it is time to change the narrative on how to generate pipeline."

Headcount vs Scope

Why Replace "Lead Gen" with "GTM Program"?

1. Comprehensive Strategy Sustains Companies Forever: "Lead gen" often comes with the implication of a narrow focus, primarily on acquiring new leads while neglecting the nuanced processes of nurturing these leads into customers. A GTM Program, by contrast, covers the full spectrum of activities from targeting and initial contact to conversion and retention. It's about creating systematic campaign patterns and rhythmic touches from both Sales and Marketing, aimed at generating a sustainable pipeline that can support a company indefinitely.

2. Enhanced Rep Collaboration and Superior Sales Efficiencies: The GTM Program is designed to foster a collaborative environment between sales representatives and marketers. It ensures that all activities are perfectly aligned with the overarching business goals, enabling synchronized efforts that enhance the efficiency of the sales process. With GTM Automation, businesses can systematically manage targeting, track engagement insights, and develop sequences and campaigns. This collaborative effort leads to a more streamlined process, embodying a single motion of true sales efficiencies.

3. Data-Driven Insights and Adaptability: Transitioning to a GTM Program offers the significant advantage of being able to monitor and analyze every element of the pipeline, tracking aspects such as Lead Source, Marketing Engagement(s), Meeting Conversion Source, Deal Source, and whether it's Enabled or Self-Sourced. This "DNA of the pipeline" provides valuable insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and strategic pivots when necessary. With GTM Automation, there's the benefit of daily throttling, real-time reporting, and immediate response times, making the sales process both adaptable and data-informed. And the best part? This isn't a program that takes months to determine ROI.

Hitting home?

Moving away from "Lead Gen" towards "GTM Programs" represents a significant shift towards a more inclusive, collaborative, and efficient approach to sales. Our mission is to support the sales team with nurtured prospects and generate a sustainable pipeline, all within a clean, trackable, and adoptable process. By embracing this evolution, businesses are not just adapting to modern market demands but are also prepared to face notorious outbound challenges and the ever-evolving sales strategies with a more systematic, data-driven, and cohesive strategy.

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