Board-Level GTM Data

I have sat in front of many boards but support even more leaders behind the scenes in preparation for their board meetings. I think this is...

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8 Q1 Observations of Today’s Sales Organizations

It’s clear to me that the landscape of sales is ever-evolving, yet the foundational truths that underpin successful sales strategies remain...

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Inbox Enablement Services: Two Proof Points for Lean Sales Teams

Clients engage AK Ops to enhance their lead generation and sales process, aiming to secure a higher number of qualified meetings for their...

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A Woman's Resilience: Amy Kohl's Personal Story

In the spirit of International Women's Day, I've decided to take a moment to share my story—a journey through major loss, triumph, and all...

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Reflections on Growth, Teamwork and Leadership

A little less than a year ago, our founder and CEO, Amy Kohl, sat down with TechSTL to reflect on her journey from the inception of the...

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Sunsetting "Lead Gen" & Committing to "GTM Programs"

It's 'bout time! In recent years, we've seen a significant evolution in how sales are driven and prospects nurtured. Traditionally, the...

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Maximizing Sales Efficiency in the HR & Tax Space

In early 2023, our automated sales efficiency program embarked on a journey to revolutionize the way sales were pursued in the HR & Tax...

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Cultivating a $30M Pipeline for Our Fleet Industry Client

Our client with a tight-knit team in the fleet industry, achieved a remarkable milestone with our support - here's the playbook of how we...

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The True Cost of Shitty Lead Gen

Almost every one of my sales calls starts the same way: "We used to have a partner that booked meetings for us, but nothing came to...

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My POV on the Most Common Gaps in Sales Strategy

I engage with 20-25 sales leaders every week, gaining invaluable insights from them and often sharing my own observations and perspectives.

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