AK Operations Launches Online Marketing & Sales Course to Help Growth Teams Build Pipeline

Originally published in Cision PR Newswire.

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SharpChicks: The Growth Team

Although growing wickedly fast, AK Ops is a relatively young company. It’s crucial to make smart hiring decisions at key moments to support...

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Three Undeniable Shifts Sales Leaders Can’t Ignore

There’s been an undeniable shift within our client base regarding their sales management and strategy. I’ve noticed two major things in the...

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SharpChicks: The OG Crew

Founded in 2018, AK Operations has flourished, partnering with over 100 clients in ten countries and growing from a team of one (just me!)...

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What You Need to Know About A/B Testing

How often should you test new sales and marketing ideas or strategies? Should you always run multiple tests at once? Or should you only run...

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Pipeline Logic for Autopilot Sales Campaigns

Like most folks responsible for top-funnel, at AK Operations there are a few key campaigns we keep on autopilot because they’re nonstop...

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Sales: The Greatest Team Sport

Marketing + Biz Dev + Sales = Closed Won Stories When I was working with my last start up, every win resulted in team high-fives and...

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How to Track A Closed Won Story

Read this article to understand the value of conveying Closed Won Stories to your team.

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Amy’s Journey to “Intentionally Different”

After realizing I had pioneered a fairly repeatable process for the last company that I worked for, I set out to do my own thing. I wanted...

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Three Steps to Scale Your Sales Org with Specialization

A sales process is a roadmap for your sales team to convert a potential lead into a happy customer. From running ad campaigns and ensuring...

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